About Herdsmen

Hardus and Annie Van Heerden the founders of Herdsmen Ethical Meat of Origin have always had a strong love and passion for the Boesmanland and their family farm Klein Rooiberg.

Hardus Van Heerden has always loved farming and crafting products from nature. Being a wine maker, he understands nature and how fragile it can be and with this understanding he wished to carry on his family’s legacy of farming unconfined lamb and sheep on their farm Klein Rooiberg in the Northern Cape.

Together with his now wife, Anne Van Heerden, their goal is to supply restaurants as well as private clients with meat that is not only ethical and traceable, but where each animal is treated with love and respect and allowed to roam free in wide open spaces with little human contact.

Klein Rooiberg has been farmed by the same family five generations. It’s a remote place steeped in many generations of rich family history. The farm and farming practises have been beautifully preserved by the family and every moment spent in this heavenly place is a reminder of the generations past, their love for each other, their land and their animals where the precious balance of nature is respected and honoured.

Hardus and Anne intend of preserving every tradition left behind by past generations.” Our love for this arid world is indescribable. We will always hold it close to our hearts. We will follow in the footsteps of our past loved ones and carry on their legacy”.

Our Mission

Herdsmen aim to become the only premium supplier of meat that has guaranteed, in-depth traceability, exceptional quality from animals in their most natural environment. Herdsmen hold dear the values that their previous generations treasured. They see themselves together with their farmers as custodians and caretakers of the land.

Respecting the animals in their most natural environment. Their mission is to not be consumers of the land but rather help restore the environment. As with any other business customer satisfaction is at the top of their priority list. Every single package with the Herdsmen brand must be an example of precision, top end quality and something that brings their customers closer to their farmers. They are not just selling a product; they are selling a story, an emotion.

Of utmost importance are the farmers, the caretakers or custodians of the land. Coming from that background, Herdsmen’s owners know the struggles that farmers face each and every day and want their customers to experience a little bit of this world with the hope of making a difference.

“We at Herdsmen strive for the ethical treatment and full traceability of our meat products. Our sheep roam free in wide open spaces with little human contact. We believe that happy animals make good quality meat. Their diet consists of fragrant herb bushes that give their meat its unique taste.

Our animals never see a feed lot and are humanely transported by truck to the closest abattoir to avoid elevated stress levels. Our motto is and will always be Ethical Meat of Origin”.